Why a blog by Open Agora

Open Agora is a startup focussed on collective decision making, and polling systems. And today, we are launching our blog!

Why are we launching a blog?

Blog - Up, up and away

There are several reasons for a company such as ours for having a blog:

  • We have subjects that are close to our hearts.
  • There are subjects on which we believe we have expertise.
  • There are ideas we want to advocate.

We hope to produce fruitful exchanges from these articles.

What are we going to talk about?

In the process of creating this company, there are several subjects we have investigated and though about. In particular:

  • Slack: we are daily users of Slack, and we provide a successful Slack application.
  • Vote: we have developped a rich  polling application, we believe voting could be more useful to people.
  • Technologies: we have set up  an infrastructure for our company, and believe that others may benefit from our experiences.
  • Horizontal organizations: we have a strong belief that horizontal companies are more efficient and better working places for their employees.

We plan to release articles on these topics on a regular basis.

When does it start?

Right now!

The first article explains the difference between voting and electing. The second one presents Slack for newcomers:

Read also on our blog

Slack 101

In the future, we plan to produce articles on a weekly basis. We hope that these articles and the following ones will help you develop a better understanding of Slack, technologies, voting and project handling.

A few ground rules

These articles aim at producing content for our readers, customers and anyone who is interested in these topics. We are open to discussing the contents and are happy to get your feedbacks (in the comment section bellow articles). However, we will moderate these comments: obviously, we will not allow publications of comments who would be disrespectful or containing unlawful elements.

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