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Instant agora nouveau produit

Instant Agora: balanced poll solution

Instant Agora is a poll and survey tool for everyone, that you can use to make the group decision process easier. One of its main characteristics is to allow (and to promote) the expression of balanced opinions. Participants may rank the different options rather than just picking some of them. Then, Instant Agora synthesizes these opinions to build a ranking of collective preferences.

Have you ever organized a group activity without succeeding to satisfy all participants, such as: “Where are we going for lunch? Which movie do you want to watch? What are we going to do this week-end?” Instant Agora is the tool you need!

Let’s take an example!

This year you would like to take two weeks holidays with friends. In order to choose the destination, you launched a poll on Instant Agora. You just need to ask a question to your friends with a listing of choices. Your friends can also add some if they want to.

Brazil is the destination which collected maximal adhesion! Bad news: the plane tickets prices have highly increased: it’s now out of budget… Ouch! Fortunately, you don’t need to do another poll: you can select the choice that came second. Congratulations: it will be Portugal!

In fact, ranking propositions to express opinions allows to obtain both a real consensus, and also a clear report in case of choice deletion.

A daily tool

As you have understood, Instant Agora may be useful in your everyday life: I use it daily to choose an activity with my family, a restaurant or a meal with my colleagues. And more occasionally, to choose my future holiday destinations with my friends, or to invite them at a party, etc.

Use cases are all-around: sky is the limit!

Instant Agora main advantages

  • Fast. Instant Agora enables fast groups polls and votes.
  • Simple. Instant Agora is a simple solution for creating polls, and for participating.
  • Balanced. Instant Agora enables balanced expression of opinions (with the ranking of propositions)
  • Precise. Instant Agora synthesizes consensus precisely.

Also, we have done our best to make the interface intuitive and aesthetic. We have developed a dedicated interface for smartphones.

Instant Agora Screenshot

Also, we have done our best to make the interface intuitive and aesthetic. We have developed a dedicated interface for smartphones (a native application is in development for most common platforms).

How to use Instant Agora?

Three steps process:

  1. Poll creation: provide your information (your name, the question and choices available).
  2. Administration: access an overview of your poll, you may edit it, if needed and share it to the targeted populations.
  3. Discover the results: access to the real-time results, as a list and as a synthetic graph.

Can’t wait to test it?

At the time of writing, Instant Agora is in early-access period and therefore totally free! Don’t hesistate to try it now.


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