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Participative Marketing

Participative Marketing: what is it?

Did you ever feel a particular affinity with a brand because they listen their community? That’s participative marketing’s goal. Customers or leads are invited to give their point of view regarding a product or a service.

Companies can ask customers’ opinion on essential features: their general opinion about a product, the choice of a logo, packaging’s color or even ask them to create a tagline.

The participative marketing will soon be the norm. In fact, 40% of the Y generation wants to give their opinion. This generation consumes less, still it is willing to consume anyway… However it wants to consume… better!

What are participative marketing advantages?

Thanks to participative marketing, your company gets more visibility and is guaranteed to meet demand regarding the launch of its products.

The customers’ free involvement helps you to discover their needs and expectations at a lower cost.

Moreover, brand’s customers are feeling more heard, thanks to participative marketing and thus are more likely to remain loyal.

participative marketing

How to use Instant Agora to make participative marketing?

Instant Agora is a useful tool for the development of a logo or a product’s presentation for example. Throughout the process, the customer point of view (in particular about the features of the product) is taken into account.

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Instant Agora: The new product of Open Agora

For example, your company: “Cool tee-shirt” wants to launch a new product for men. So you use participative marketing method to choose between different products. You suggest the following ones to your community, explaining that only one will eventually be produced: the one which will obtain the most adhesion.

You have decided to use Instant Agora: ranking choices will enable customers to express balanced opinions. Thus, you will obtain a clear result of customers’ expectations. Moreover it will help you to profile more accurately your consumers and identify the antagonizing choices.

Participative Marketing - Instant agora

Poll creation

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Results analysis

We can observe that Captain America (the tee-shirt) wins in a vote using the approval method: it was ranked 9 times at the top position. But, it also has the fewest adhesion; it was ranked last 11 times. This product: either you like it or hate it!

By using Condorcet method (Instant Agora’s method), we can observe that the product which win the contest is Superman. Indeed, this product is the one with the most adhesion because even though the product was not often ranked at the first position (6 times), it is usually the second customers’ choice (14 times).

Would you have used the classical approval method, you would have chosen the Captain America tee-shirt. Using Condorcet method, you know the product which gathers the most adhesion is Superman.

Sometimes, launching an antagonizing product can have advantages: you can be seen like the specialist on certain type of products. Furthermore, according to the voters’ characteristics, the company can decide to produce the antagonizing product if the company knows that the population that adheres to it is also more likely to buy.

How to poll ones consumers with Instant Agora?

You just have to create a poll: ask a question, allowing choices and define options of the poll. Then, you can spread it (by adding the poll’s link into your Newsletter or its sharing it on your social networks).

After sharing the poll, you can access the results board (table and graph).

Can’t wait to test it?

Currently, Instant Agora is in early access. If you wish to test Instant Agora now, please sign up for our newsletter. We will send you an access link.

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