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open agora for microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a leading team chat which favours discussion and collaboration among distributed teams. You can have private and companywide channels, conduct web meetings with audio and video capabilities. Microsoft Teams is the heart of the office 365 suite, but there is also a free standalone version. It also integrates many well-known and useful third-party applications.

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Discussion is great… but should we decide at some point?

Microsoft Teams is where the teams’ discussion and work happen. Anyone can start a conversation on a given subject or project, and it’s very easy for team members involved to share their point of view, add resources, pictures, videos, useful links, samples, etc, etc.

So lots of discussion, but efficient teams should at some point come to a decision, using a polling application right within your Teams conversation.

polling application in microsoft teams

Here’s a few frequent cases in which a poll directly in Microsoft Teams comes in handy:

  • Product and engineering team: decide on a technology or method to be used for development, prioritize product features, define a product or service name…
  • Operations: select suppliers and sub-contractors, select tools and materials, pick date for project meeting…
  • Marketing: choose the next feature or product to promote, vote for a logo, a design, check interest on a subject…
  • Human Resources: collect feedback on new employees onboarding, conduct companywide engagement measure, check employees’ mood …
  • Event and meeting management: decide on a date and time for a meeting or event, define the topics to be covered, gather feedback after the meeting…
  • Team building: decide on lunch venue, night out day, participants to a game…

Meet Open Agora polls for Microsoft Teams 2.0

We launched our first polling application for Microsoft Teams last year with basic polling features. Shortly after we added the tab, very useful to have a complete view of your polls, with result graphs and statistics.

open agora polls tab in microsoft teams

The great thing about the tab is that you can create a poll thanks to the dedicated dialogue box. No need to remember intricate bot commands anymore!

new poll from tab microsoft teams premium

In this dialogue box you can tailor your poll according to your need:

  • Duration of the poll: Max 7 days in free version but unlimited in premium
  • Type of vote: multiple (default) or single choice
  • Anonymous votes (available in premium): you can still know which team members have voted and who hasn’t, but their vote remain confidential.
  • Image poll: really useful for creative, design, marketing teams. It lets you replace plain text with images (premium feature).

Polls results right in your Microsoft Teams conversations

Ok so you’ve thought of a fantastic poll, you have listed the choices and set the options, then what? After you press “Create” – Bam! – your poll appears in the discussion channel, informing in real time all your team members.

The team will answer your poll, and pontentially add choices. Everybody will be able to follow in real time the results of the votes. Votes will remain secret if you chose the anonymous option.

open agora poll with result in microsoft teams

You can easily manage your poll from the tab: edit the title or the choice, close the poll, re-open it if need be. You can extract the result as an image to integrate in a presentation for example. Want to do the same poll again? Just use the “Copy” feature, available in premium.

Polling is a great addition to your Microsoft Teams experience, and one of the best ways to benefit from the collective intelligence of teams in the decision-making process.

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