Happy birthday Microsoft Teams!

Happy birthday Microsoft Teams

On March 26th was celebrated a special event: the 2 years of Microsoft Teams! For their birthday, Microsoft Teams invited its partners to celebrate in the Paris headquarters. During the evening, guests discovered the new Microsoft Teams’ features. They were also invited to meet the most promising partners.

Microsoft Teams: 2 years of success.

In two years, Microsoft Teams has become an essential player in corporate communication.

Its goal was to improve employee engagement in companies. And the results are there! Today, more than 500,000 companies use it, including 91 Fortune 100 companies.

By including Microsoft Teams in the applications provided with its Office 365 subscription, the tool appeared to be a natural choice for companies that already use the Office application suite. As a result, Microsoft Teams has become a major solution for corporate communication and meetings.

Microsoft Teams : 2 years of success

Introducing the new features

To start the evening, Laurent Camus, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft, presented exclusively the new features of Teams:

1. Private Channels

This is probably the most expected feature. Microsoft Teams will finally allow you to create limited conversations without having to create new teams. This feature is currently being tested internally and with selected customers. It will be released later this year.

2. Customized Background

Microsoft Teams already allows you to blur the background of your video during a long-distance meeting. Now you will also be able to replace it with a more professional decor. A perfect feature to reduce distractions or to hide from your boss that you haven’t returned from your holiday.

Happy birthday Microsoft Teams : Customize Background

3. Live Captions

Another new feature that should improve the efficiency of team meetings is the live captioning of the team members. This feature will allow a easy inclusion of deaf people. It will also make it easier for multilingual teams to collaborate.

4. Content cameras, Intelligent capture and new Whiteboard

Microsoft Teams will soon allow the treatment of whiteboard information. Thanks to simple equipment, the whiteboard can be scanned and recorded. The person who will be in front of the board will be detected and put in transparency. It will then be possible to take a picture of it and automatically transform it into Microsoft Whiteboard. This collaborative tool allows you to create an interactive collaboration board with many functions (notes, stickers, images…).

Happy birthday Micrososft Teams : New Whiteboard

5. And many more

Finally, many other new features will be added: video meetings for up to 9 people, the Live Events which allows you to create video events up to 10,000 participants, the Calendar App which replaces the “Meetings” application with new features and the new interactive large screen Surface Hub 2.

The stars of the night: the partners

To continue the event, applications that enhance the Microsoft Teams experience presented their solutions and vision of the platform.

  • Klaxoon: Klaxoon is an application that revolutionizes meetings. It allows all members to participate through quizzes, brainstorming, voting… During her presentation, Marie Barbesol showed how the application works by involving the public. At the end, she revealed their new integration into Microsoft Teams.
  • Atlassian: Atlassian is a software publisher that offers the tools to help each team to reach its full potential and organize itself. Hermance N’dounga, Senior Product Advocate, presented the Trello and Jira applications in Teams. They have been designed to facilitate interactions between the two environments.
  • MailClark: Mailclark is an application that simplifies team organization by bringing all your external communication tools (Email, Facebook, Twitter…) back into your channels. Antoine Lefeuvre, co-founder and Product Manager, presented us the new version 2.0 of Mailclark. This version allows you to assign tasks and conversations to your teammates and give each conversation, Facebook or Twitter, an owner and a status.
  • Open Agora: Open Agora is a poll solution integrated directly into Microsoft Teams. This tool allows you to ask questions to your teams directly in the discussion channels and view the voting results live through graphs.

Photos ©Microsoft France

  • Entrup: Vincent Mendes, Entrup’s CEO, introduced us to Aster: a smart assistant. This tool allows you to prepare your meetings, follow-up participants according to their role, then generate and share your reports automatically as soon as the meeting is over.
  • Mindmeister: Mindmeister is an online mental mapping software that allows you to capture, develop and share ideas visually. These mental maps can be modified in real time and shared with as many colleagues as you wish.
  • Konverso: Konverso is a new virtual assistant solution for Office 365. Bertrand Lafforgue, the CEO, presented us his solution that helps the user 24 hours a day on all computer media with an automatic response.
  • SalesTim: SalesTim is an intelligent assistant linked to your CRM that automates your organization. The assistant sends you your own morning briefing, prepares your clients meetings, automates your note-taking and manages your e-mails.
  • Beesy Me: Beesy Me is an application that simplifies your work with an intelligent note-taking engine, To-Do-List, activity tracking and project management.

Vinci Energies’ customer story

Microsoft Teams : Vinci Energie
Laurent Camus and Thibaud Hollender ©Microsoft France

To conclude the talk, Thibaud Hollender explained how Vinci Energies had successfully migrated from Skype to Microsoft Teams. For a company of this size, transformation did not happen overnight. As a digital coach, Thibaud, first, set up a group of volunteers to test the Microsoft Teams tool. After the success of the implementation phase, comes the integration phase. Vinci Energies encouraged its employees to use the tool, in particular with funny posters. For them, it is a real success and they recommend Microsoft Teams to all organizations.

A beautiful night

After an informative conference, the crowd was invited to a cocktail and a cake in the Microsoft Teams colours. It was also an opportunity for them to meet the partners present.

Happy birthday Microsoft Teams
Laurent Camus ©Microsoft France

As a partner, Open Agora would like to thank the Microsoft Teams teams for their invitation and for this great evening. We are proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of the Microsoft ecosystem. We wish all the teams much success in 2019!

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