5 situations when you should use a poll in Slack

5 situations you should use a poll in Slack

We have already told you about Slack, a team chat stimulates discussion and collaboration within companies. It is possible to integrate external applications such as a poll tool. Poll in Slack allow you to quickly collect the opinions of your teammates. But when can they be used?

To illustrate the benefits of a poll tool in Slack, we have chosen 5 examples of frequent use of the Open Agora application for Slack.

1. To choose the subject of a meeting

For a meeting to be effective, it is important to define a focussed agenda in advance. Discussing too many topics in the same meeting is a waste of time and concentration. Participants quickly lose interest and the meeting is no longer of any use.

In order to avoid long and disordered meetings, it is important to prioritize topics before is begins. You can launch a poll that allows participants to choose the topics they want to discuss.

Thanks to a poll tool, you can collect interesting points and rank them by priority. Participants will prepare their meeting early and will be more efficient. Prioritizing topics helps to limit the time of the meeting and make it more efficient.

Survey in Slack : Choose the right topic of your meeting

2. To choose a meeting date

Choosing the date and time of a meeting can be complicated. How to choose the right time for everyone without making 15 calls and sending 30 emails?

Indeed, calendar are often full and co-workers overbooked. Finding the right date is therefore a puzzle. There are different tools to find the perfect time, but Open Agora for Slack helps you save time and energy: using ranked vote and the Condorcet algorithm to reach consensus. You can submit several times and dates, then each participant may order these moments according to her preferences. The most consensual date will naturally appear.

Survey in Slack : choose a meeting date

3. To ask for your co-worker’s opinions

After a presentation, an event, or even after a meeting, it is often difficult to know the opinions of colleagues. Participants may be reluctant to express themselves, or simply do not find the right time to do it.

But it is important to get feedback in order to progress and improve. In order to get such a feedback, you may use anonymous polls in Slack. Anonymous responses can provide valuable information and facilitate difficult or sensitive discussions. It allows to get a more objective and honest opinion.

Survey in Slack

4. To choose a product name

Choosing a name or a slogan for a product or service is not always easy. Marketing teams often produce several effective propositions, but which one should be chosen?

No need to organize a meeting especially for that. You can simply create a poll in Slack. Invite your colleagues to explain their choices and what they would change.You can also create an empty poll and let teammates add their ideas.. This allows you to brainstorm without wasting time with a meeting. Then, take the most relevant ideas, and create a new poll to make your choice. Using Open Agora’s rank system, reach consensus and select the best result for everyone.

5. To organize lunch, activity or afterwork

The lunch break is a special moment in a company: it is a time of sharing and conviviality. These collective meals reinforce the sense of belonging and integration of everyone in the company. So propose a weekly lunch together in a restaurant close to the company and stimulate informal connections between everyone in the team. You can test local restaurants, take a relaxing break and share a good time between colleagues. But how to choose which restaurant? Simply create a quick poll in Slack!

This also works for team building activities. Propose a karaoke afterwork or an Escape Game for even more fun. For more courageaous types, you can also suggest some sport activity.

Survey in Slack

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Open Agora for Slack

Open Agora is an application to be integrated into Slack. It allows you to create poll in Slack easily and quickly. Thanks to the Condorcet voting system used by the application, the results are more consensual.

You can create the poll that meets your needs with the following options: advanced choice ranking, up to 20 choices, type of vote (single or multiple choice) and anonymous vote. Once the poll is created, the results appear in real time in the discussion. You can even download the result graph to integrate it directly into a presentation.

The poll is an important tool to save time and boost your teams. It allows objective answers to be obtained quickly. Don’t hesitate to use it anymore!

Open Agora’s application will soon be redesigned! We will very soon release a transformed, more intuitive and powerful new version of the application. In particular, it will make it possible to create poll with images, which are very useful for logo and design choices. Install our – completely free of charge – application now in order to instantly benefit from the future version!


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