When should I use a poll in Microsoft Teams?

Poll in Microsoft Teams : When should i use a poll in Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a platform for team work. The application allows your team to collaborate within a single place. It may hold group conversations and online meetings. It also centralize several Microsoft Office 360 applications. In a word, this platform stimulates team cooperation!

Over the past two years, it has become an essential tool for collaboration. But did you know that it is also possible to integrate external applications that add features to your workspace? For example, you can integrate poll solutions with Microsoft Teams.

Polls are a very effective tool for collecting the opinions of team members. But what are the best moments to use them?

There are several poll applications in the Microsoft Teams store. But to illustrate our words, we will use our own: Open Agora application for Microsoft Teams.

1. How to choose the date of a meeting?

Choosing a meeting date is often a real challenge. Indeed, you need to adapt to the already busy schedules and preferences of everyone. And the issue becomes even more complicated if everyone doesn’t work in the same place.

Polls are the perfect tools to help you to solve this challenge. You can propose several times and let your colleagues choose. Participants will indicate their preferences and the ideal date will appear quickly. Avoid a headache, use a poll!

Poll in Microsoft Teams: How to choose the date of a meeting?

2. Use a poll to choose the meeting topics

If the choice of priority topics for a meeting is not always as complicated as the choice of date, it is nevertheless essential. Discussing multiple topics at the same meeting is a waste of time and concentration. Participants quickly lose interest and the meeting is no longer of any use. Thus, you should avoid long and boring meetings that end up in a collective nap.

To avoid this, use a poll in Microsoft Teams and ask your team members what topics they think are important. Once the themes have been collected, sort them by priority. You can even set a time limit on each topic to avoid a meeting that lasts for hours.

Poll in Microsoft Teams : choose the meeting topic

3. How to choose a logo in Microsoft Teams?

Choosing a poster, flyer or even a logo is not always easy. Marketing or communication teams often make several proposals that seem effective. But which one to choose?

No need to organize a meeting specifically for that. You can simply create an image poll on Microsoft Teams by adding the different designs. This allows your colleagues to visualize the designs and then select the one they prefer.

This way, you will be able to choose the model that best reflects your company and your teammates. The same goes for choosing the name of a new product or service. Create a brainstorming poll and let your colleagues add their ideas.

poll in Microsoft Teams : How to choose a logo with Microsoft Teams

4. Use a poll to get feedback

Feedback is essential to improve and take a clear view of an event, a presentation or a meeting. But it is often difficult to get the opinion of these colleagues. Because of fear, shyness or lack of time, they do not dare to express themselves.

Take the lead and create an anonymous poll in Microsoft Teams. They bring more freedom and honesty. Indeed, anonymity allows members to give their opinion without fear of being judged or reprimanded. This will help you collect honest opinions from your teams and avoid difficult or sensitive discussions.

Poll in Microsoft Teams

5. Use a poll to choose a restaurant

Team cohesion is essential for effective teamwork. To build this unity, it is necessary to create links between the members of the company. To do this, offer your colleagues a weekly lunch in a local restaurant. This will be an opportunity to discover more about each other in a less formal environment. Thus, you can test the local restaurants, take a short break and share a good time with your teammates. And no worries, for the choice of restaurant, create a quick poll on Microsoft Teams.

And it also works for hobbies and afterwork. You can propose a karaoke and or Escape Game. It’s friendly and it is a way to have fun with colleagues. For the more adventurous, you can also offer running, climbing or even bungee jumping. Your team will love it!

Poll in Microsoft Team

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Open Agora for Microsoft Teams

Open Agora is a poll application available in the Microsoft Teams store. You can create custom polls quickly and easily. It works very simply. Thanks to its tab, it is a breeze to create a poll. The tab lets you view your polls and obtain useful statistics. It also lets you create a poll in one click.

The Open Agora application offers you different options to build the poll that suits your needs: vote by approval, image polls, anonymous poll, unlimited number of choices, unlimited number of voters and unlimited lifetime. You can even download the result graph to integrate it directly into a presentation.

The Open Agora poll application for Microsoft Teams saves time and stimulates your teams. Install it now and test the premium version for free during a month.


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