How to do an anonymous poll in Slack?

how to do an anonymous poll in slack

When you decide to make a poll in Slack, one of the first questions you need to ask yourself is if you want to make it anonymous or not. Anonymity has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

Does your next poll have to be anonymous?

Anonymous polls are an perfect tool to share new ideas or identify issues in your workplace. However, in many companies, full freedom of speech is not optimal. Anonymity therefore becomes essential.

1. More openness

The biggest advantage of anonymous polls is honesty. Indeed, thanks to anonymity, your colleagues feel more free and open. It is easier for them to express themselves in an anonymous poll on Slack because he may not have any concerns with other teammates or management. This will allow them to give their objective and honest opinions on projects and prevent issues from arising.

2. More confidence

Thanks to anonymous polls in Slack, teams are no longer afraid of repercussions. Indeed, some of your colleagues censor their comments for fear of losing their jobs, being ridiculed or being judged. With this type of poll, teammates feel safer and more comfortable expressing what really bothers them. Anonymity facilitates exchanges around difficult or sensitive issues. Thus, the adoption of anonymity helps to prevent unnecessary anxiety. This will make your team more willing to share their opinions and ideas.

3. More attention

In some cases, teammates may feel that they don’t have the opportunity report issues. By using a anonymous poll in Slack, companies provide a neutral place where team members can express themselves freely. The result of such poll is that people have the feeling of being listened to and understood.

4. More freedom

Often, during a meeting or brainstorming session, once you have publicly proposed and defended an idea, you can no longer oposse it. Even in the case where you are very receptive to your colleague’s arguments, it is difficult to abandon your proposal and openly change your mind.

While with anonymous expression, everything becomes easier. All you have to do is change your vote and no one will know.

5. More efficiency

In some cases, your colleagues are in the best position to identify mistakes. Honest feedback from anonymous polls makes it easier for teams to see problems and fix them. Such a mainset improve the company’s efficiency.

As we already said in our previous article, an engaged employee is an effective employee (12% more productive to be exact). Companies that listen to their employees improve their level of engagement. If they feel involved in the company’s successes or failures, they will be more motivated.

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How to make an anonymous poll in Slack?

To create an anonymous poll in Slack, it’s a piece of cake. All you have to do is install the Open Agora application in the Slack app directory. Open Agora application allows you to create polls tailored to your needs. It’s thus possible to create an anonymous poll in a few clicks. Let’s do it !

  • Start by typing /agora in your Slack message bar.
  • Now, fill in the dialog box that has just appeared.
  • Click on “Create”.
  • A personal post appears on your channel. It is visible only by you.
  • Choose “Anonymous”. You can also choose “Single choice vote” if you want voters to only choose one answer.
  • Finally, click on “Publish”.

Ta dah! Your anonymous poll is created! You can now create anonymous polls over and over again.

Anonymity is therefore essential to obtain good feedback. After a presentation, an event, or even when you feel the need, use an anonymous poll in Slack and find valuable answers.

But be careful, even if anonymous polls have many advantages, they can also have disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that if some respondents are dissatisfied, you cannot identify them to solve the problem. For example, if after conducting an anonymous poll on Slack, you find that 95% of your team is satisfied but 5% is not. This result alone is not totally satisfactory, you should probably get in touch with these 5% by some other mean.

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