How to organize an interactive event with Open Agora?

How to organize a interactive event ?

It’s not always easy to interest a large audience during events (conferences, webinars, company parties, team building, competitions, etc). It’s therefore advisable to include interactions and organize an interactive event. However, this not easy to implement. Especially when your audience is large, of diverse opinions, or all around the world. In addition, when part of your audience agrees with you and another part diverges, the atmosphere can deteriorate and the audience’s attention suffers.

What does your audience remember ?

The experience they will have of your event will be memorable. So let’s share a positive experience with him, which he will keep in mind!

How to generate positive interations with your audience?

Gathering your audience’s opinions is surely the most effective way to turn your event into an interactive one. It is an action that suits the greatest number of people: whatever their age, profession or langage…

To do this, you need a tool:

  • available on an easy-to-access platform while simultaneously focusing your audience.
  • usable simultaneously by all your audience, even if they are geographically dispersed.
  • quickly processing a large volume of data.
  • which provides an analysis that can be interpreted directly without difficulty while remaining visual.

What a challenge!

To show you how gathering opinion can transform your event, we will illustrate this with a concrete example.

A concrete example: the T-JAM trial

During the Innovation Olympics Evening organized on June 26, 2019, the highlight of the Trophy of the Young Active People of Montrouge (T-JAM) organized by the Rotary Club Paris Porte d’Orléans, Open Agora was able to integrate its Instant Agora poll solution into a fictional trial.

The T-JAM Trial : a interactive event exemple

The tool was used to determine the guilt of different actors after a data leak in the medical community. The experts highlighted several elements that allow the public to identify the culprit.

Entirely customized to match the scenario of this trial, our Instant Agora application naturally integrated into the show. We intervened to gather the opinions of the public, the jury of the trial.

Concretely, what does it look like?

For this interactive event, Open Agora used its Instant Agora application to organize a nuanced poll. Each voter ranks the answer choices according to the degree of guilt they consider fair.

Thanks to a gradual visualization of the results, it was very easy for all participants to see that the technical service providers (the company Nuaage, web hosts, and the startup Resadoc) were considered guilty by the majority. And this, despite the fact that it is Dr. Maison who is at the origin of the data leak.

Interactive event with Open agora

Finally, more than 70% of the people present took part in the vote and gave their opinion. A very good representativeness and an audience that has embraced this mode of interaction.

By placing collective intelligence at the heart of our business, Open Agora meets these needs. The technologies used in our poll tool bring real value to your interactive events. This way, you can share an unforgettable experience with all the participants.

The Instant Agora solution is an application that meets your need to generate interactions, by providing a very powerful opinion gathering tool. Beyond the existing poll solutions, the one we propose combines personalization, ease of use (even for an audience that would not be comfortable with new technologies), simultaneity and very fast interpretation of the results. A cocktail that ensures the success of your interactive event!

We sincerely thank the members of the Rotary Club Paris Porte d’Orléans for their solicitation and welcome during the evening of the Trophy of the Young Active People of Montrouge.

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