How do you check the pulse of your employees on Slack?

Employee Commitment: Slack Polls

In the current context, commitment is an important issue for companies. How do you know whether your employees are committed? Even in remote work an employee needs meaning, recognition, support and a good leader.

With Slack, your teams remain productive despite the isolation. The tool allows you to collaborate and share information between teams, but also to poll your employees and take the pulse of commitment in your company.

Employee commitment, the key to the company’s good health

87% of employees worldwide are not fully committed to their work. It is therefore fair to think that employee commitment is an issue for all companies.

A committed employee goes beyond the motivation you know. Commitment goes further; it allows you to achieve your goals, to get involved to contribute to the good health of the company. A key element that becomes a competitive advantage for a company when we know that improving the commitment rate means reducing absenteeism and turnover and increasing the quality of work, but also productivity and loyalty…

Use regular polls to track employee commitment

To measure the engagement rate, our method is to regularly poll employees via the collaborative tool Slack with Open Agora.

Employee Commitment: Slack Polls

The objective is to identify malfunctions in order to check the pulse of your company in real time. The solution helps to avoid disengagement. But also to make your employees feel that they are being listened to. Human resources, managers and team leaders, can play the leading role in employee engagement.

Frequent Slack polls are a wonderful tool because they can take place throughout the year. Setting up continuous polls provides regular feedback. This allows companies to better understand the expectations and behaviours of their employees.

Create a dedicated channel on Slack and simply ask your employees a question every week.

Choose the important indicators to track

Indicators are essential for evaluating the level of employee commitment. At Open Agora, we work with the Karasek and Siegrist models, because beyond their sociological aspect, they are essential working bases for understanding the conditions for acquiring motivation at work. These models are stress and commitment measurement surveys designed by sociologists and psychologists.

Employee Commitment: Slack Polls

The surveys are available on the Internet. But we have made a small selection of questions that can be used quickly:

  • I consider myself as a ” family member ” in this company.
  • My work often allows me to make decisions on my own.
  • In my job, I have various activities.
  • My activity requires intense work.
  • I’m getting conflicting orders from other people.
  • My superior is concerned about the well-being of his subordinates.
  • My colleagues help me to carry out my tasks.
  • I have a lot of responsibility at my job.
  • My prospects for promotion are poor.
  • The slightest compliment really boosts my motivation.
  • I start thinking about work problems as soon as I get up in the morning…

The scoring is normally as follows: strongly disagree, somewhat disagree, somewhat agree and strongly agree. However, these ratings can very well be replaced by smiley or weather icons.

Employee Commitment: Slack Polls

Of course, commitment is measurable in relation to the company’s vision, objectives and missions. Finally, the analysis can then lead to targeted actions and changes in the way the company operates. In a future article, we will see how the analysis of poll results can enable the company to adjust its management and avoid pebbles in the shoe.

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