How to Engage your Audience During a Videoconference?

How to Engage your Participants During a Videoconference?

The Coronavirus health crisis has disrupted companies and the way they operate. Many have adopted remote working and, with it, videoconference meetings. But, it is not always easy to animate a video meeting and engage its participants. Digital tools, especially surveys, can help to improve exchanges and boost your communication.

Collaborate more effectively with interactive polls

More and more actors are looking for digital solutions to animate webinars and their meetings. The best way to dynamize, is to make humans interact, because we love to feel useful. The need for self-esteem is a fundamental need according to Maslow’s pyramid.

Collaborate more effectively with interactive polls in visioconference
  • Engage your audience: In videoconferencing, ask your participants for their opinion and allow them to answer your interactive polls directly from their smartphone or tablet. When you reach out to your participants, they feel you need their feedback, whether it’s to reinforce your idea, to better illustrate it, or to validate a concept.
  • Collect real-time data about your participants: By launching an interactive poll, you will quickly learn more about your audience and their opinions.
  • You will also be able to measure their commitment, i.e. the frequency of their participation. As the results of the votes are in real time, this allows you to directly visualize the level of commitment.
  • Share real-time results with your audience: Find out who they are, what they expect, what they think, and share the results live. Because participants in a meeting or webinar are eager to find out what the audience thinks, who is really engaged.

Instant Agora, our new product

To avoid long videoconferences without interactions, Open Agora has developped a polling tool. Instant Agora is a simple solution to create polls and votes during your visio.

Collaborate more effectively with interactive polls in visioconference

In addition to your video solution, you can consult your audience at any time and collect its opinion. For any number of participants, whether they are 10 or 1000, our tool allows you to ask questions any time and makes your meetings more dynamic. In a matter of seconds you will get a actionable results.

The goal is to save time in reaching consensus. Instant Agora offers advantages for everyone, administrators and participants alike:

  • On the administrator side, you can prepare your questions in advance or just create them on the fly. You will be able to choose between several types of questions and take advantage of our advanced voting methods. You can also choose to let your participants view the results live, reveal them after each vote or, for maximum suspens, at the end of your presentation.
  • On the participant side, people who are reluctant to voice out their opinions in public will finally be heard. They will be able to view the results, consult the history of questions and give proxy to another participant.

Some examples of use

To better understand how Instant Agora could be useful to you, let us turn to some examples.

 With the growing use of videoconferencing and webinars, with Instant-Agora, Universities can host their board or committee meetings. Whether in person or remotely, these meetings face a lack of involvement or a form of self-censorship that limits the expression of opinions. Our application allows all voices to be heard. The moderator can prepare important questions in advance, but can also add questions directly during the videoconference. Users are then very directly involved.

How to Engage your Participants During a Videoconference?

In addition, world-wide non-profit may need to use Instant Agora. We think in particular of health foundations that have very frequent collective decisions to make. Whether it is to hold a general assembly or a meeting of the board of directors, Instant Agora will allow important decisions to be made.

Last December, Open Agora took part in an unusual lawsuit: the subway train trial. For this event, we allowed the public to vote from their phones. As with a videoconference, the audience was able to make a decision and participate interactively. This vote allowed us to gather the opinion of 240 members of the public, and beyond the resultit was possible to conduct a deep analysis of the collective opinion.

Unite and involve your audience with Instant Agora, a simple and interactive tool that allows you to boost your videoconference meetings.

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