Jamespot acquires Open Agora to meet the needs of animation of collective life moments in companies

After Human Connect in 2014, Sonetin in 2016 and Yoonlink Pro in 2017, Jamespot is pursuing it’s external growth strategy with the acquisition of Open Agora, a publisher specialized in collecting opinions on Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Through this acquisition, Jamespot, already the French leader in collaborative solutions in the cloud, has set itself the ambition to become in the medium term the key player for the animation of collective life moments, whether online or physical (meetings, seminar, workshops, etc).

Open Agora users (more than one million to date) will be able to continue distributing their online surveys via the Jamespot open agora application available in the slack and Microsoft teams applications managers, while awaiting the forthcoming arrival of other features dedicated to meeting facilitation, internal communication and daily collaboration.

Launched in 2017 to facilitate collaboration, stimulate engagement and accelerate decision making, Open Agora quickly found its audience among slack and Microsoft Teams users who saw the solution as a way to create and distribute survey with just a few clicks.
In just a few months, the 100 000 users milestone was passed, giving open agora’s team great prospects for the evolution of the solution.

From the outset, the Idea behind open agora was to facilitate collaboration and stimulate collective intelligence in corporate teams. So we developed a survey system available on both slack and Microsoft teams. The rapid growth of users has made us want to go even further, notably by offering public survey accessible via a url, and by integrating an HR dimension around well being and engagement into our solutions.


Christophe Morvan

President of Open Agora

At the end of 2019, when the number of open Agora users is close to one million, a merger is taking place between the Open Agora team and the Jamespot team. This merger is now officially confirmed by the acquisition of Open Agora by Jamespot.

With this acquisition Jamespot adds a new product to its portfolio of assets, opens a branch in rennes, and aims to become a key player in the field of meeting facilitation and group activities (meetings, seminar, brainstorming webinars etc).

In the current context we need more than to animate these collective moments of life that are now digital. With this acquisition we are taking another step in this direction.



President of Jamespot

Open Agora users will be able to continue creating and distributing surveys on slack and teams via the Jamespot open agora application, and at the same time have the ability to switch to Jamespot to enrich their collaborative experience with the implementation of a collaborative platform with more than 100 complementary business application (news flash, video conferencing, date polling, Kanban board, ideation, etc).

As of today, the entire Jamespot ecosystem will be able to benefit from a range of applications that are indispensable in these times when teleworking is becoming and increasingly important part of every day business life.

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