Agor API : The Swiss Army Knife of Voting Systems

We are very excited to present you our latest creation: Agor API, a solution to integrate votes and polls on your website or in your software. What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that developers create so that other developers can simply use complex tools, methods and algorithms. The… Continue reading Agor API : The Swiss Army Knife of Voting Systems

Slack 101

What is Slack? You have heard about a flat rope to practice funambilism ? Well, not exactly ! For 3 years now, Slack has been sharply replacing email within small and middle size companies. That’s a revolutionnary instant messaging software that brings a clean and structured communication, privately or in groups. Slack fosters open management which… Continue reading Slack 101

Difference between voting and electing

Today, collective decision-making and consensus achieving have become a necessity, whether the decision is trivial or crucial. The fact that we are living in society forces us to make choices that must satisfy the whole group. We use a large panel of techniques to give our opinion and decide: the vote by show of hands… Continue reading Difference between voting and electing