How do you check the pulse of your employees on Slack?

In the current context, commitment is an important issue for companies. How do you know whether your employees are committed? Even in remote work an employee needs meaning, recognition, support and a good leader. With Slack, your teams remain productive despite the isolation. The tool allows you to collaborate and share information between teams, but… Continue reading How do you check the pulse of your employees on Slack?

Evaluation poll in Slack: Open Agora’s new feature

Always with the objective of improving our application and giving you an even more efficient tool, we keep adding new features regularly. Thus, the latest innovation is the evaluation poll for Slack. How to do a evaluation poll in Slack with Open Agora? In our new update, we propose a new type of poll: the… Continue reading Evaluation poll in Slack: Open Agora’s new feature

Slack Poll: Rebuilding Open Agora

What is Open Agora for Slack? Open Agora is a Slack poll application. The first version was built in 2015! Back then, Slack was a startup’s tool, and you could build so-called “slash commands” these commands enabled to expend the capabilities of Slack in any way imaginable. At that time we were not a company… Continue reading Slack Poll: Rebuilding Open Agora

Condorcet Voting Method

Do you know the Condorcet voting method? At Open Agora, we consider this system like our Philosopher’s stone. This innovative voting method is very important to us and we strive to promote it through our values and products. To demonstrate some of it advantages, we will, in this article, present the principles and methodology of… Continue reading Condorcet Voting Method

Slack 101

What is Slack? You have heard about a flat rope to practice funambilism ? Well, not exactly ! For 3 years now, Slack has been sharply replacing email within small and middle size companies. That’s a revolutionnary instant messaging software that brings a clean and structured communication, privately or in groups. Slack fosters open management which… Continue reading Slack 101