Crash Course on Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams 101

Currently, in Orlando, is taking place Ignite, the annual tech conference hosted by Microsoft. We take this opportunity to present our vision of Microsoft Teams. This is a complete chat and online meetings solution. Using this platform, you can chat with anyone inside or outside your organization. The main goal of Teams is to avoid mail exchanges between colleagues. If you choose to use Teams, you will only have to deal with outsider’s emails.

You have just arrived in the company? Don’t worry! With Microsoft Teams, users can access chat archives! You can (and should) organize your conversations into several teams (groups of people with common projects) and channels (topics or projects) within teams. Each project gets its own conversation channel, project information will not be mixed with another (we will get back to this later). The end of confusion!

Microsoft Teams enables users to work on projects with all tools from the Microsoft Office 365 suite, since all these tools are connected to each other.

This platform has a strong focus on ergonomy and usability. Features are provided to make thing easier for the user. One of the main features is video conferences, which offer more possibilities than Skype for internal staff. Microsoft Teams aims to replace Skype for Business. Through the Teams platform, all SharePoint or OneDrive documents (such as Word or Excel files), can be shared easily.

Microsoft Teams: Best Practices

Wish to try Microsoft Teams? Here are few tips to help you.


Teams should be the number one communication tool within your organization. Email between services should be prohibited. Every meeting (even a simple conversation, if it was productive!) should be debriefed back into Teams, to let everyone know about its conclusions.


If your organization wishes to use Teams, you need to build a set of teams, which could reflect the structure of your organization: Marketing, Sales, Tech, HR, … but they could also be project-oriented.

Inside each team you should have channels related to projects, or to recurring work. For example within your Marketing team, you may have a channel per product, a channel for communication operations, etc. You also have the possibility to invite a company outsider as a guest. Indeed, those channels are not only limited to an internal staff.

Direct messages and private channels

Direct messages should be avoided in general and restricted to personnal communication. Private channels may be created to hold confidential exchanges on sensitive matters.

Microsoft Integration

Through a virtual store, you can install several applications to enhance your experience. Those applications are topic-classified: “project management”, “efficiency”, “finances”, etc.

Plenty of applications exist, such as Asana, Bitbucket, GitHub, or Google Analytics, which can help you to gather traffic information about your website. The Teams integration shows this information directly within Microsoft Teams, and allows to interact with these services directly.


MailClark application could make an important contribution to organize your communication. Indeed, this tool aims to stop switching between communication tools, like Email, Facebook, Gmail… by bringing external communications into Microsoft Teams. This tool improves your efficiency! You get selected emails directly in a dedicated channel. It will become possible to tag your teammates on an email, for example to provide them some information.

Open Agora for Teams

With our application you can create polls within Teams channels, to simplify your decision process. Using Open Agora application, any teammate can create a poll to come up with a final decision. This application comes with a tab, which provides information about poll activity: number of polls created, the number of voters and other graphical results and enhances interactions with users.

Microsoft Teams is a successful solution to simplify your professional life! Moreover, a free version is now available so feel free to try it 😉

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