Nicolas de Condorcet, a scientist serving the public interest

4 weeks! This blog has been online for 4 weeks, and we still have not written any article about Condorcet. A great feat since this mathematician’s voting system is of major importance for Open Agora. This article will present Nicolas de Condorcet, starting with a short biography, and then performing an analysis of some of… Continue reading Nicolas de Condorcet, a scientist serving the public interest

Before decision-making… The Group

Today, we discuss one essential element under a social psychological approach : The GROUP Usually, before making a collective decision, a group is created, either over a long period (e.g. a sports team in a club) either ephemerally (e.g. a team for a call for projects). So, what’s a group? During our life we will… Continue reading Before decision-making… The Group

Valve: Key Organizational Aspects

In our previous article we presented Valve as a successful horizontal organization. We sketched what these organizations are and some elements of Valve’s way of working. Now we get to the specifics and discuss about some key elements of their organization. What is the life of a Cabal? We have already seen that Valve is… Continue reading Valve: Key Organizational Aspects

Valve: a Successful Horizontal Company

Valve is a very successful company: founded in 1996 by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, it first started by editing video games. In 2003 it initiated an online videogames distribution system called Steam. Today, Steam is a huge business. In 2015 it reached 125 million players (FR), and more than 14 000 games in 2017.… Continue reading Valve: a Successful Horizontal Company

Slack 101

What is Slack? You have heard about a flat rope to practice funambilism ? Well, not exactly ! For 3 years now, Slack has been sharply replacing email within small and middle size companies. That’s a revolutionnary instant messaging software that brings a clean and structured communication, privately or in groups. Slack fosters open management which… Continue reading Slack 101

Difference between voting and electing

Today, collective decision-making and consensus achieving have become a necessity, whether the decision is trivial or crucial. The fact that we are living in society forces us to make choices that must satisfy the whole group. We use a large panel of techniques to give our opinion and decide: the vote by show of hands… Continue reading Difference between voting and electing