The importance of corporate communication

Given the changing work organization and technological evolution, integration issues arise: how to integrate employees? How to set up good corporate communication? Business leaders must foster a positive and encouraging climate by establishing effective internal communication. Management studies show that it is almost impossible to achieve your objectives without defining a good corporate communication strategy.… Continue reading The importance of corporate communication

Biases in Collective Decision-Making – Part 3

We come to our last article on biases in collective decision-making. In the previous articles we dealt with the first two biases, that of groupthink and bias of information sharing. The last bias we will discuss is that of the phenomenon of polarization or the group polarization. What is group polarization? This phenomenon with a rather barbaric… Continue reading Biases in Collective Decision-Making – Part 3

Instant Agora: The new product of Open Agora

Instant Agora: balanced poll solution Instant Agora is a poll and survey tool for everyone, that you can use to make the group decision process easier. One of its main characteristics is to allow (and to promote) the expression of balanced opinions. Participants may rank the different options rather than just picking some of them.… Continue reading Instant Agora: The new product of Open Agora

Before decision-making… The Group

Today, we discuss one essential element under a social psychological approach : The GROUP Usually, before making a collective decision, a group is created, either over a long period (e.g. a sports team in a club) either ephemerally (e.g. a team for a call for projects). So, what’s a group? During our life we will… Continue reading Before decision-making… The Group