Instant Agora: The new product of Open Agora

Instant Agora: balanced poll solution Instant Agora is a poll and survey tool for everyone, that you can use to make the group decision process easier. One of its main characteristics is to allow (and to promote) the expression of balanced opinions. Participants may rank the different options rather than just picking some of them.… Continue reading Instant Agora: The new product of Open Agora

Agor API : The Swiss Army Knife of Voting Systems

We are very excited to present you our latest creation: Agor API, a solution to integrate votes and polls on your website or in your software. What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions that developers create so that other developers can simply use complex tools, methods and algorithms. The… Continue reading Agor API : The Swiss Army Knife of Voting Systems

Let’s Encrypt: Advanced configuration

This is our second article in the series startups’ tools. Let’s encrypt deeper into the configuration and use of Certbot, the primary tool to get and manage SSL certificates. We assume that you have already had a look at our previous article. Certificates for other services There are other services which use SSL certificates, like… Continue reading Let’s Encrypt: Advanced configuration

Let’s Encrypt: SSL for everyone

This article is the first one in a series called startups’ tools. We will talk about SSL and Let’s Encrypt. Most startups are tech oriented companies which heavily relies on computer softwares and infrastructures. However they are not always specialists for every technical aspects. Since, at Open Agora we have invested time into some essential… Continue reading Let’s Encrypt: SSL for everyone